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HRIS System

New development project to create a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) that integrated Payroll and Benefits with basic Human Resource Management.

A large undertaking, Phase 1 required deep analysis of existing systems, as well as extensive user interviews to understand the Human Resource Management tasks. A key deliverable in this project was a site/mind map that detailed how the application would be organized and the features necessary to provide the stakeholders with a competitive product.

Customized UX Process

This is a UX Process that was customized for Securus Technologies.

As the first official "UX" employee, I was able to observe the existing methodolgy and work with each participating department to implement a customized process that suited the distinct needs of the organization.

Health Portal Concept

This is a conceptual design that I am currently working on for a client. The product will be made available to employees within the client's organization. The product will interface with popular smart watches and other fitness tracking software. 

The client will use this to encourage employees to live a healthier lifestyle and also create and monitor challenges to add some fun to the workplace.

Simplified Payroll Processing

Simplification of an existing application that faced users with an unnecessarily complicated payroll processing flow.

Axure was used to rapidly create a prototype that illustrated not only a simpler process, but also present how that solution would look if integrated into the current software package.

Employee Manager

Coined a "Census Management" tool, this project provided a centralized portal that allowed Insurance Brokers and Employers with a single tool to manage employee demographic and benefits enrollment information.

Custom Axure RP Library

My client needed a re-usable, shared library of widgets for Axure RP Pro. The desire was to have a single library - used by all designers - to ensure consistency not only in the visual design of their systems, but also interactions on similar patterns.

This extensive library was built following Google's Material Design (as it was defined in 2017).

*If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the .rplib file for usage, please contact me via e-mail (

Commercial Lending Client Manager

At ARGO Data, I worked primarily on a web application that allows Commercial Lending Relationship Managers track details of their clients' loans. This was a new applications, and all designs were created from the ground up.

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