EVALUATE the Need  

Determining WHAT the users need is typically the easiest part of the process for me, but that isn't enough. In this step I also strive to understand WHY the users' need exists. I need to understand what they do in the current environment in order to fully grasp and develop a solution.

ANALYZE the Results

In this step, I review everything I have captured from the users and start to draw on similarities and differences provided by each participant. This is where I start to document their current processes and target areas that can be improved by a new approach.

CREATE a Solution

Wireframes provide users and stakeholders with visual proof that I understand their goals. I take the information I have gathered through my evaluation and analysis and start to shape the solution. I often find the need to go back to the users during this phase to ensure that I'm going down the right path.

REVIEW with Users

Once I have created a solution that I believe will satisfy the users' evaluated needs, it is imperative that I vet that solution with the users. Through this step I gain additional insight into the users' wants and needs. This is where I can present to the users that I truly understand their needs and wants.


I believe in an iterative process in which the processes above will repeat in a fluid way. In my experience, the first solution will need some additional attention after the users have reviewed and provided input. Many times this involves going to back to each step in some way to tweak the information that was captured in the previous iteration.

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