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My name is Erica Fleming. I am a UX Designer and Business Analyst in Dallas, TX. I specialize in application design, and I am a passionate advocate for user needs. My history reveals an experienced, well-rounded individual who can relate to both users to developers.

I pride myself on the ability to easily adapt to new and challenging environments where I find myself pressing to create a solution that represents WHAT the user-base is requesting and WHY the need exists.


I focus on bringing teams together to work toward the common goal of providing users with the best possible experience. I carry a great passion for what I do and thrive in an environment where others share that drive.



“I really enjoyed working with Erica at Securus. As UX Lead, she single-handedly built the first UX team at the Securus organization. Her UX team was embedded in the design process and helped drive towards simplicity with a user-centric focus. In an environment with lots of different, strongly held, opinions about product direction, she was able to forge alliances across development, marketing, and EPMO, always in the name of what was best for the user. Developers on my team always speak highly of Erica and her team!”

John Tunison, CTO

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